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Tira Unlocker is a software program designed to unlock Samsung Android devices. The latest update, V.7.5.0, brings a significant boost in functionality with expanded phone support and the ability to bypass FRP (Factory Reset Protection) on all Samsung phones running Android 13.


Enhanced Phone Support:

  • This update expands compatibility to include a wider range of Samsung devices, including recent models running the latest Android 13 security patch.

Direct Unlock for Boost and Sprint Carriers:

  • Tira Unlocker V.7.5.0 streamlines the unlocking process for devices on Boost and Sprint networks with a new “Direct Unlock” function.

Improved Unlock Success Rates:

  • The update improves the unlocking success rate for specific models like the SM-N975U, SM-N986U, SM-J337P, SM-J737P, and SM-A102U on the Sprint and Boost networks.

Certificate-Based Unlock for S7, S8, and N8:

  • This update introduces a certificate-based unlocking method for the Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, and Note 8 models.

Qualcomm Firmware Read/Write Enhancements:

  • Tira Unlocker V.7.5.0 improves the ability to read and write firmware on Samsung S22 and S23 devices in Emergency Download Mode (EDL) using a custom loader. Additionally, support for new models has been added through the Auto Loader function.

General Improvements:

  • The update includes various other improvements that enhance overall software performance and functionality.

Tira Unlocker V.7.5.0: Click Here


  • Is Tira Unlocker safe to use?

While unlocking a device can void its warranty. Tira Unlocker is generally considered safe to use when following the provided instructions. However, it’s crucial to thoroughly research the unlocking process specific to your device model and carrier to avoid any complications.

  • Where can I download Tira Unlocker V.7.5.0?

You can download It From The Link Given In this Article.


Tira Unlocker V.7.5.0 offers a compelling update for users seeking to unlock their Samsung devices. With expanded phone support, improved unlock success rates, and new features. Like Direct Unlock and certificate-based unlocking, this update caters to a wider range of users. Remember to exercise caution when downloading software and thoroughly research the unlocking process specific to your device before proceeding.

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