HFZ Activator MDM V2.9 Latest Version Free Download

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HFZ Activator is a company known for its innovative solutions to Bypass iCloud Activation on Apple devices. Their latest offering, HFZ Activator MDM V2.9, tackles a different hurdle entirely – MDM (Mobile Device Management) profiles. This user-friendly tool empowers individuals to bypass MDM restrictions on iPhones and iPads, offering greater control over their devices.


MDM Bypass:

  • The key feature of HFZ Activator MDM is its ability to bypass MDM profiles on compatible iPhones and iPads. This grants users more freedom and removes limitations imposed by MDM restrictions.

Broad Device and iOS Support:

  • HFZ Activator MDM boasts impressive compatibility. It supports all iPhone models from iPhone 5 to the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max, and iPads are covered as well. Additionally, it functions seamlessly with iOS versions 9 through the most recent iOS 17.

Free and Windows Compatible:

  • This tool is free to use, making it an accessible option for many users. Furthermore, it operates on Windows machines, catering to a widely used platform.

HFZ Activator MDM V2.9: Click here


Q: Is HFZ Activator MDM legal?

A: The legality of using such tools can vary depending on local regulations. It’s recommended to research the laws in your area before proceeding.

Q: Does HFZ Activator MDM require jailbreak?

A: No, HFZ Activator MDM bypasses MDM profiles without requiring a jailbreak.

Q: Does this tool work with iCloud Activation Lock?

A: No, HFZ Activator MDM specifically addresses MDM profiles. iCloud Activation Lock requires different tools offered by HFZ Activator.


HFZ Activator MDM V2.9 presents a valuable tool for users who require bypassing MDM restrictions on their iPhones or iPads. It boasts extensive device and iOS compatibility, a free price tag, and Windows support. However, it’s crucial to check the legal implications in your region before using such software.

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