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What Is HaaFedk iCloud Tool V4?

HaaFedk iCloud Free Tool V4 is a software program designed to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock on iPhones and iPads running iOS versions 12 to 16.7. It’s advertised as a free tool that allows users to regain access to their devices without needing an Apple ID or password.

Here are some key points to remember:

  • Free : HaaFedk iCloud Free Tool V4 is claimed to be a free program.
  • Supported Devices: The tool reportedly supports iPhones and iPads from iPhone 6S to iPhone X, running iOS versions 12 to 16.7.7.
  • Bypass Methods: HaaFedk offers different bypass methods, including “HELLO WITHOUT SIGNAL BYPASS,” “PASSCODE WITH SIGNAL BYPASS,” and “WIFI DEVICE HELLO BYPASS” (requires changing the serial number).

HaaFedk iCloud Tool Features

HaaFedk boasts a wide range of features, some of which are listed below:

  • Activation and Bypass:
    • Generate Activation Hello
    • Hello Activate iOS (15/16)
  • Device Management:
    • Change SN (Serial Number)
    • Boot Purple
    • Fix Diag Recovery
    • Erase iDevice
    • SN/ Registration
    • Select Port Number
    • Restart Device
    • Show Erase All Content And Setting
    • Skip Setup iDevice
    • Check Device
    • Boot Device
  • Data Management:
    • Backup Device Passcode
    • Activate Device (Backup)
    • Erase iOS 12-14.X
    • Erase All Data iOS (15/16)
    • Backup Passcode
    • Read Icloud Info
  • Security:
    • Patch USB Restrictions!
    • DisableOTA Updated/Restore (Disabling automatic updates)
  • Other:
    • File RamDisk
Info Details
Tool Name HaaFedk iCloud
Tool Version V4
Prices Free
Supported Windows
Download Setup Link
Download Older Setup HaaFedk iCloud V3.5


  • Is HaaFedk iCloud Tool V4 legal?

The legality of using such tools can vary depending on your location and the circumstances. It’s best to check your local laws before using this tool.

  • Is HaaFedk iCloud Tool V4 safe?

There is no guarantee of safety when using tools that bypass security measures. It’s possible that the tool might damage your device or make it unusable.

  • Does HaaFedk iCloud Tool V4 really work?

The effectiveness of the tool can vary depending on the device model, iOS version, and other factors. There is no guarantee that it will work for your specific case.

  • Where can I download HaaFedk iCloud Tool V4?

You Can Downlaod this tool from the Link On this Page.


HaaFedk iCloud Free Tool V4 is a tool that claims to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhones and iPads. While it offers various features, its legality and effectiveness are questionable. It’s crucial to understand the risks involved before using such tools and to only consider them for educational purposes or if you are the legitimate owner of the device.

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