SRS AUTH MDM TOOL V2, Samsung KG Unlock Tool Free Download

Hello Everyone, Welcome Back to, Today In This Post, You Will Get The Latest Version Of SRS AUTH MDM TOOL V2 Free Download With Complete (Guide), So If You Want to Download And Install This Tool Then Please Read This Article.


The SRS AUTH MDM TOOL V2 is a software program designed specifically for Samsung devices. It offers functionalities to address two common issues: KG Status and enabling ADB. KG Status refers to a lock that prevents a Samsung device from being activated. ADB, or Android Debug Bridge, is a tool used for advanced communication between a computer and an Android device.


  • Samsung KG Status Change: This feature allows you to unlock Samsung devices with KG Status “Locked to – Activate”. It supports devices running up to the latest Android 13 security patch.

  • Samsung ADB Enable By QR Code: This feature is helpful for enabling ADB (Android Debug Bridge) on FRP-off Samsung devices running Android versions up to 13. ADB is a vital tool for advanced users and developers to interact with their device.

Benefits of Using SRS Auth MDM Tool V2:

  • Easy to use, even for non-technical users.
  • Fast and effective in completing the intended tasks.
  • Safe and reliable to use on your device.
  • Free to use (refer to the official source for confirmation).

How to use SRS Auth MDM Tool V2?

  1. Download and install the tool on your computer.
  2. Connect your Samsung device to the computer using a USB cable.
  3. Launch the SRS Auth MDM Tool.
  4. Select the desired function (KG Status Change or ADB Enable).
  5. Provide any necessary information prompted by the tool.
  6. Click the “Start” button to initiate the process.

SRS AUTH MDM Unlock Tool: Click Here


Before using the tool, what should I do?

  • Backup all important data on your phone.
  • Ensure USB Debugging is enabled on your device.
  • Download the appropriate version of SRS Auth MDM Tool compatible with your device.

Does the tool work on all Samsung devices?

  • The tool’s functionalities are currently limited to specific KG Status changes and enabling ADB on devices with FRP turned off. Compatibility might vary depending on the specific Samsung model and Android version.

Is the SRS AUTH MDM TOOL V2 safe to use?

  • According to the information provided, the developers claim it is safe. However, it’s always recommended to exercise caution when downloading and using software from untrusted sources.


The SRS AUTH MDM TOOL offers a convenient solution for Samsung users facing KG Lock or needing ADB access. While it boasts user-friendly features and free usage (refer to official source), it’s crucial to back up your data beforehand and ensure compatibility with your specific device and Android version.

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