MT SOC Unlock 2.0.0 2024

MT SOC Unlock 2.0.0 2024 Latest Version Free Download

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MT SOC Unlock 2.0.0 2024 is a software program designed to address lock and data management issues on mobile devices powered by MediaTek (MTK) chipsets. This software offers a wide range of features for technicians and advanced users.


MT SOC Unlock 2.0 2024 boasts a comprehensive suite of features to tackle various problems on your Android device:


  • Erase FRP Lock: This function removes the Factory Reset Protection lock, which prevents unauthorized users from resetting your device after a factory reset.
  • Backup/Erase NV Partition: Backup or erase the Non-Volatile partition, which stores critical device information.
  • Erase FRP + MiCloud Lock: Eliminate both the FRP lock and MiCloud lock (for Xiaomi devices) in one go.
  • Auto Repair GPT from SGPT: Repair the GPT (Global Partition Table) from the Secure GPT (Secondary GPT) partition.
  • Bypass Secure Boot Only: Bypass the Secure Boot verification process.

Convenience Features:

  • Auto Crash Preloader: Automatically recover from a crashed preloader, a critical software component that boots the device.
  • Auto Switch High-Speed USB: Automatically enable high-speed USB connection for faster data transfers.

Data Management:

  • Create a Scatter Backup File: Generate a backup file containing information about your device’s memory layout.
  • Format Userdata: Erase user data from your device’s internal storage.
  • Format Userdata with FRP Erase: Format user data and simultaneously remove the FRP lock.
  • Format Data from Recovery: Format data partition while the device is in recovery mode.
  • Format Data from Recovery with FRP Erase: Format data partition and erase the FRP lock while in recovery mode.

Supported Devices:

MT SOC Unlock 2.0.0 2024 offers support for a wide range of devices from various manufacturers, including:

  • OPPO
  • VIVO
  • ASUS

Specific MTK SOCs Supported:

The software supports unlocking devices with the following MediaTek SoCs (Systems on Chip):

  • MT6582
  • MT8127
  • MT8695
  • MT6737
  • MT6758
  • MT6739
  • MT6261
  • (and many more…)

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Q: Is MT SOC Unlock safe to use?

A: While MT SOC Unlock offers functionalities to address lock and data issues, it’s important to exercise caution. Improper use can lead to data loss or permanent damage to your device. Ensure you have the necessary technical expertise before using this software.

Q: Where can I download MT SOC Unlock?

A: You can Download This software For The Link On this page.


MT SOC Unlock 2.0.0 2024 appears to be a comprehensive software program for addressing lock and data management on MediaTek devices. However, due to the potential risks involved, it’s recommended only for experienced users who understand the potential consequences of using such tools. Always ensure you have a backup of your data before proceeding with any unlocking or data management tasks.

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