HUNTER TOOL V4.6.5 Latest Version Free Download

Hello Everyone, Welcome Back to, Today In This Post, You Will Get The Latest Version Of HUNTER TOOL V4.6.5 Free Download With Complete (Guide), So If You Want to Download And Install This Tool Then Please Read This Article.


HUNTER TOOL V4.6.5 is a software program designed for technicians and advanced users to manage various functions on specific Android devices, particularly those with Qualcomm or MediaTek processors. It offers functionalities like unlocking SIM cards, bypassing Factory Reset Protection (FRP), and modifying carrier information.


HUNTER TOOL boasts a range of features that can be particularly useful for mobile repair professionals:

  • Samsung Tab Management: This section allows users to access specific features on Samsung tablets, potentially including functions related to ADB mode.
  • MISC (ADB Mode): This section provides tools for managing various aspects of a device’s miscellaneous data partition while in ADB mode. Functions might include:
    • Reading device information
    • Rebooting the device
    • Reading the Service Provider Code (SPC) and Mobile Station Low-level Identifier (MSL) codes
  • Unlock SIM: This feature helps unlock SIM cards locked to a specific carrier, potentially allowing them to be used on different networks. It might also include options for:
    • Unlocking the SIM itself
    • Reading SIM card certificates
    • Writing new certificates to the SIM card
  • FRP ADB: This section provides functionalities related to bypassing Factory Reset Protection using ADB mode.
  • Change Carrier: This feature allows users to modify the carrier information associated with the device, potentially enabling compatibility with different mobile networks.

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Is HUNTER TOOL V4.6.5 safe to use?

  • While HUNTER TOOL offers functionalities for experienced users, tampering with a device’s software can carry risks. It’s recommended to proceed with caution and only if you understand the potential consequences.

Where can I download HUNTER TOOL V4.6.5?

  • You can Download It From the Download Link On this Page.

Do I need to root my device to use HUNTER TOOL?

  • The functionalities of HUNTER TOOL might vary depending on the specific features and the device model. Some functionalities might require a rooted device.


HUNTER TOOL V4.6.5 appears to be a software program aimed at technicians and advanced users for managing specific functions on Android devices. It’s crucial to understand the potential risks involved before using such tools and to ensure they are compatible with your device. If you’re unsure about any procedures, consult a professional.

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