CM2MT2 v1.05 Diag Tool

CM2MT2 v1.05 Helper Diag Tool latest Version Free Download

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The CM2MT2 v1.05 Diag Tool, also known as the Infinity CM2SP2 Helper Diag Tool, is a free software application designed to troubleshoot and repair devices powered by Spreadtrum (SPD) chipsets. This tool is particularly useful when encountering issues with entering DIAG/SVC mode, a crucial step for many advanced operations on these devices.


  • DIAG/SVC Mode Recovery: The primary function of the CM2MT2 v1.05 Diag Tool is to assist in situations where a device fails to enter DIAG/SVC mode using traditional methods. This mode grants deeper access for troubleshooting, flashing firmware, and performing other advanced tasks.
  • Data Wipe and Security Reset: The tool offers additional functionalities for wiping user data and resetting security codes on SPD devices. This can be helpful in resolving software issues or restoring a device to factory settings.
  • Free and Dongle-less: Unlike some similar tools, the CM2MT2 v1.05 Diag Tool is completely free to download and use. Additionally, it does not require a dedicated hardware dongle, making it readily accessible for anyone with a compatible device and computer.

CM2MT2 v1.05 Helper Diag Tool: Click Here


  • What devices are compatible with the CM2MT2 v1.05 Diag Tool?

This tool is specifically designed for devices utilizing Spreadtrum (SPD) chipsets.

  • Do I need a dongle to use the tool?

No, the CM2MT2 v1.05 Diag Tool functions without a dongle, offering a convenient and cost-effective solution.

  • What happens after using the CM2MT2 v1.05 Diag Tool?

Once the tool successfully establishes DIAG/SVC mode, you can utilize the CM2SP2.exe program for further advanced operations on your SPD device.


The CM2MT2 v1.05 Diag Tool serves as a valuable resource for users encountering difficulties with their SPD devices, particularly those related to entering DIAG/SVC mode. Its free availability, user-friendly interface, and additional data wipe and security reset features make it a versatile tool for anyone seeking to maintain and repair their SPD-powered devices.

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